Damián Bonesi works as a Rudimental Drumming performer and teacher. He is part of the team of "PULSA musica", a new publishing company founded by Mark Reilly and George Willis, as Editor Consultant.

He directs the group SER RUDIMENTAL, along with Samanta Casarramona Denkberg and Gustavo Olech. This develops artistic and educational objectives; #sharethetradition.
His compositions mix the language of rudimental drumming with textures and ideas that can vary between the folk music of his country and other influences.
They played that music in a live performance at PASIC in the USA.
Today his projects grow in an organic rudimental community incorporating SER RUDIMENTAL Chile and SER RUDIMENTAL Spain.

Along his life he studied with great drummers, like: Pablo Menegozzo, Andrea Alvarez, Christian Faiad, “Pepi” Taveira, Sebastián Hoyos, John Wooton and Mark Reilly.
And he participated two times in the John Wooton´s “Summer Drummin´” rudimental campus in The University of Southern Mississippi. Also he was invited to visit The Old Guard Drum Corp, in Fort Myer (Washington), to learn more about U.S.A “Fife & Drum”.

In 2018, Damián attended the 2nd International Rudimental Drummers Symposium in Paris and, at that event, the SIRD was founded. Today he is the LATAM regional representative for that Society of International Rudimental Drummers.
He is an endorser of Loyal Drums and Agner Drumsticks companies and also manage and develops a monthly online international workshop, called “#padtikndo”.


I will very exited to start working with you. We can have weekly lessons, with a free feedback every day you need, to have a great plan about your step by step progress. If you decide that option you will have a discount based in your monthly commitment. But of course you can choose other lesson plan whenever you want, just ask me for details!